National Remote Accommodation Services

Company Profile

National Remote Accommodation Services is the strategic services provider to a number of industries throughout Australia and overseas including mining, construction, healthcare, education. Our services include facilities management, accommodation services, catering, housekeeping and cleaning, maintenance, security, retail services, bus driving, garden maintenance, building supply, paramedic services, airport management and more. We recognise that excellence in managing our occupational health and safety, environmental and quality responsibilities is essential to our business success, and we strive to meet these responsibilities through our management systems which are closely aligned to the Australian Business Excellence Framework and certified to all ISO standards. These systems contribute to the sustainability of our business by ensuring that we apply sound risk management, and consistently provide excellent internal and external customer service.

Products and Services

Accommodation management
Catering and food services
Housekeeping and cleaning
Laundry facilities
Indigenous engagement
Personal laundry and dry cleaning
Airport management and transfers
Internet rooms
Bus services
Retail and tavern services
Maintenance and gardening
Sewerage and water treatment
Waste, recycling and environmental management
Security services
Pest control services
Transport management
Provision of (BOO) proposals


All ISO standards: